Chiropractor in Canton, Ohio Will Treat Your Lower Back Pains

It is likely that you are experiencing or have experienced pain in the lower back at one point in your life. Lower back pain is one of the most common problems encountered by Americans, with about 65 million suffering from it today. Our team at Belden Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center, led by your trusted Canton, Ohio chiropractor Dr. Brent Ungar, understands how badly you would want to end your bout with low back pain. We are also very much aware of the different methods and medications you might have considered through the years, to little effect. Our goal is to offer our services to help you get rid of discomfort once and for all.

Before giving you a list of our effective alternative treatments, let us first discuss the nature of the problem. Low back pains can be caused by several factors, including acute injuries like sprains, strains, acute inflammations, or acute disc herniations. Chronic causes like arthritis and disc degeneration can also cause significant amounts of pain.

Though medications that aim to alleviate lower back pain are available, they do not really address the root of the problem. We try to go beyond these prescriptions. Through conservative treatment anchored in chiropractic care and other non-invasive methods, we will not only bring you relief from the pain, but also deal with its cause. We offer chiropractic care that involves treating spinal joints in order to eliminate pain and improve mobility. This also helps people who are feeling muscular spasms and stiffness.

For back pain caused by injuries, we offer physical therapy sessions, during which we help rehabilitate the affected areas, reduce swelling, and increase their flexibility and range of motion. We also offer cold laser therapy for patients suffering from nagging arthritic pain or requiring tissue repair and healing. This method uses an FDA-cleared cold laser that emits wavelengths of light that effectively reduce pain and healing time.

We also offer massage therapy for people who are looking for a great way to end their tiring, stressful week. You can certainly put an end to pain with a little help from our team at Belden Village. Browse through our website for more details and schedule an appointment with our reliable chiropractor in Canton, Ohio today!


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