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Dr. Brent Ungar – Chiropractor in Canton Ohio

dr brent ungarBrent A. Ungar D.C., C.C.S.P. graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1986 and is a board certified chiropractic sports physician. He is licensed to practice Chiropractic  in Ohio, Wisconsin and Colorado by the State Chiropractic Boards. Certified in Low Speed Accident Reconstruction Spine Research Institute of San Diego in cooperation with The Texas A&M University. He has recently named to the Medical Advisory Board of Multi Radiance Medical.

Dr. Brent Ungar is the Vice Chairman of Medical and Business Development for Multi Radiance Medical (MRM). Multi Radiance Medical  supports Chiropractic, Medical  and Physical Therapy clinics by developing practice management procedures for implementing Laser in to the office setting. He is currently working with many of the Chiropractic Colleges in establishing curriculums and protocols in these colleges for the most advanced laser and electrotherapy equipment in the United States..

He has been in practice now for over 28 years as a Canton Chiropractor. He has worked as an Independent Multidisciplinary Consultant for 18+ years and was a Senior Coach for Breakthrough Coaching. He has lectured for various State Chiropractic Associations and Consulting groups for license renewal and practice management for approximately 15 years.

Dr Brent Ungar and His Practice

With his extensive knowledge and desire to help his patients, Dr. Ungar developed his chiropractic practice with a multi treatment approach.  Not only does he incorporate chiropractic care for his patients, but he also develops treatment plans that may include physical therapy, laser therapy or massage therapy.

Treatment by several providers allows for the appropriate steps to improve your condition while, at the same time, allowing for beneficial communication between all of the treatment team.

Dr. Ungar strives to provide the best treatment plan for you; a plan allowing for proper diagnosis, a solid treatment plan and schedule and steps for further prevention.

Conditions Treated by Dr Ungar and His Team

Dr. Ungar has treated thousands of patients with numerous conditions.  Along with the treatment team within the office, Dr. Ungar also has good working relationships with providers outside of his practice as well.  This allows him to promptly refer to other colleagues, if the need arises.

Some of the many conditions that Dr Ungar treats include:

  • acute (recent) injuries
  • ankle and foot pain
  • knee conditions and pain
  • postural problems
  • hip injuries and hip pain
  • lower back pain (lumbar and sacroiliac)
  • nerve entrapment
  • neck pain and loss of range of motion
  • headaches
  • middle back pain and stiffness
  • shoulder injuries and pain
  • elbow problems
  • wrist and hand pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • numbness and/or weakness

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