Custom Foot Orthotics for Diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. One of the complications associated with diabetes is foot complications, which can range from minor issues such as calluses and blisters to more serious conditions such as ulcers and neuropathy. These complications can be prevented or managed by using custom foot orthotics.

Understanding Diabetes Foot Complications

Foot complications are a common issue for people with diabetes. Diabetes can cause nerve damage (neuropathy), which can lead to loss of sensation in the feet. This can make detecting injuries or sores difficult, which can become infected and lead to more severe complications. Diabetes can also cause poor circulation, leading to slower wound healing and increased risk of infection.

What are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are custom designed shoe inserts that are specifically developed and fabricated for an individual's feet. These are different than those over the counter shoe inserts that you can purchase at retail stores.  Custom orthotics are specially designed for your specific needs and your foot structure.  These custom orthotics assist with proper biomechanics and cushioning of the feet. 

How Do Custom Foot Orthotics Help People with Diabetes?

Custom foot orthotics can help people with diabetes in several ways. By providing support and cushioning to the feet, custom foot orthotics can reduce pressure on certain areas of the foot, which can help prevent the formation of calluses and blisters. They can also improve balance and alignment, which can reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Custom foot orthotics can also help reduce the risk of developing foot ulcers. Ulcers are open sores that can occur on the feet, and they are a common complication of diabetes. By reducing pressure on certain areas of the foot, custom foot orthotics can help prevent the formation of ulcers. They can also help distribute pressure more evenly across the foot, which can improve circulation and promote healing.

Choosing the Right Custom Foot Orthotics in Canton Ohio

When choosing custom foot orthotics, it is important to consider factors such as fit and materials. The orthotics should be properly fitted to the individual's feet to ensure that they provide the necessary support and cushioning without causing any additional pressure or discomfort. The materials used in the orthotic should also be considered, as some materials may be better suited for certain individuals.

The healthcare provider's input is also important when choosing custom foot orthotics. They can help determine the specific needs of the individual and recommend the appropriate type of orthotic. Cost and insurance coverage should also be considered.

Maintenance and Care of Custom Foot Orthotics

Proper maintenance and care of custom foot orthotics is important to ensure they continue to provide the necessary support and cushioning to the feet. It is important to clean the orthotics regularly with mild soap and water and allow them to dry completely before using them again.

It is also important to inspect the orthotics regularly for signs of wear and tear. Over time, the orthotics may lose their shape and effectiveness, so it is important to replace them as needed. Regular follow-up appointments with the healthcare provider ensure that the orthotics are still providing the necessary support and are functioning properly.

Additional Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics for People with Diabetes

In addition to preventing foot complications, custom foot orthotics can provide other benefits for people with diabetes. For example, they can improve overall comfort while walking or standing for long periods of time. In addition, custom foot orthotics can help reduce foot pain and fatigue by reducing pressure on specific areas of the foot.

Custom foot orthotics can also improve athletic performance. For example, they can help improve balance, stability, and shock absorption, which can be especially important for athletes with diabetes who are at higher risk for foot injuries.


For individuals with diabetes, custom foot orthotics could be the difference between a manageable and livable life, or struggling each day to prevent further complications. They are a straightforward and simple solution that can be used in tandem with other treatments. Choosing the right orthotics is the first step, but it is also important to remember that the orthotics need to be maintained and cared for regularly in order to maximize their benefits. Belden Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Canton Ohio, evaluates and treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Following evaluation, custom orthotics may be recommended, if your condition would benefit from their use. We'll be sure to listen to your needs and recommend the best possible solution for your individualized situation. So don't wait - if you are interested in learning more about how custom foot orthotics could benefit you or someone you know, contact us today!





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