Dr. Brent Ungar’s Approach as a Chiropractor in North Canton, Ohio

Our center had always strived to provide the best treatment for our patients, and leading the way to the fulfillment of that objective is our very own Dr. Brent A. Ungar D.C., C.C.S.P. Since he graduated in 1986 from the National College of Chiropractic, Dr. Ungar continued his learning and honed his practice to get to where he is now.

Dr. Ungar is licensed by the State Chiropractic Boards as a chiropractor in North Canton, Ohio, but his license extends to Wisconsin and Colorado. In addition, the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, with the cooperation of The Texas A&M University, certified him in Low Speed Accident Reconstruction. He also gained recognition from other bodies in the chiropractic industry, being named just recently into the Medical Advisory Board of Multi Radiance Medical (MRM). He’s also serving as the Vice Chairman of Medical and Business Development of the said organization.

Dr. Ungar upholds a multi-treatment approach in the development of his practice as a leading North Canton chiropractor, which you can see extends throughout the operations here at Belden Village Center. Among his areas of expertise include treating shoulder problems, like injuries and pain. With the aforementioned multi-treatment approach, he employs a combination of physical therapy and laser therapy in addition to chiropractic subluxation adjustments to address shoulder issues, as well as other parts of the body including the back, neck, elbow, hand, and wrist.

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the human body, being a ball-and-socket joint that does a large range of movement, and so is also one among those parts that are susceptible to pain and injury. Causes of shoulder pain can stem from overexertion, fractures, tendonitis, dislocation, or pinched nerves.

The idea behind the multi-treatment is not to use all of the said treatments. Each of our patients is evaluated and has a unique case or combination of issues in a particular body part. Through Dr. Ungar’s approach, he develops the best, specific treatment plan for each patient, allowing for proper diagnosis, a well-tailored schedule, and the right combination of treatments, leading to the resolution of the particular patient’s concerns, as well as further prevention.

To learn more about Dr. Ungar and his approach, check out this site’s homepage or his profile under the Staff category.


4200 Munson Street NW, Suite B, Canton, Ohio 44718



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