Why Your Trusted Chiropractor in Canton, Ohio Uses Cold Laser Therapy

Pain management and alleviation involves the careful evaluation of a condition in order to determine its root cause, as well as the best available treatments for it. Having been in the wellness and pain management industry for a long time, Belden Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center, the home of Dr Brent Ungar, your trusted chiropractor in Canton, Ohio, has encountered challenging cases that have prompted us to combine chiropractic care with other methods, particularly cold laser therapy.

We have patients coming in, claiming to have tried different types of procedures and treatments to no avail. Chiropractic care alone, especially when done the right way, yields remarkable results. However, to help to improve your condition further, we use cold laser therapy to augment its effectiveness. So what is cold laser therapy and how does it really work?

Basically, it calls for equipment that emits FDA-cleared wavelengths of light that are directed to the sore areas so they can penetrate different levels of its tissues. These multiple wavelengths help repair damaged tissues and control and manage pain. If you are suffering from an injury and swelling is present, cold laser treatment will also bring the swelling down. It also works on pain caused by arthritis, which could sometimes escalate to extreme levels, especially in the elderly.

Furthermore, the technology also promotes healing by stimulating and improving blood circulation in the affected areas. Once the swelling goes down along with the pain levels, you will begin to feel your flexibility coming back. There is no need to worry about the safety of cold laser therapy, either. It has been proven to be very safe and non-toxic, with no side-effects and limited contraindications. It is also recognized as a good alternative to pain relievers like analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), and other modalities that might become costly in the long run.

By combining technological innovations with natural methods like chiropractic care, we have helped countless patients in their fight against chronic pain. Feel free to go through our website for a better idea of what we can offer when you visit us and your dependable chiropractor in Canton, Ohio, Dr. Brent Ungar.

Your struggle against pain can be finally put to an end. With just a little help from qualified people, proper treatments, and the right equipment, pain will only be a thing of the past.


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