Conservative Low Back Pain Treatment in Canton, Ohio

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor for appointments and treatment. It can be caused by many things, including a ‘slipped disc’, a lifting injury, or arthritis. Those with lower back pain experience various symptoms, including dull and achy to sharp and shooting pain.

The pain associated with low back pain can also vary in location. Some people report it to be localized in the back, while some also experience radiating pain down the buttocks and legs. Other patients also present pain only on the left or right side.

Low Back Pain Treatment in Canton Ohio

The reasons for the different presentation of pain is due to the underlying cause of the problem. As an example, if a person suffers an injury that results in nerve compression, the result may be pain radiating to the buttocks and legs. On the other hand, if the pain is due to arthritis, the type of pain is oftentimes more localized and can be dull and achy.

Regardless of how the pain is presented, the structures within the back are typically involved and can cause further pain and discomfort. Structures that make up or stabilize the spine include the vertebrae, spinal discs, the associated nerves, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. 

 In some cases, low back pain will resolve quickly and on its own. However, in cases where the low back discomfort continues without improvement, it may be necessary to have it evaluated by a professional.

The medical specialists will often provide prescriptive medications to reduce pain.  While this can help with improving the areas of discomfort, it doesn’t remedy the underlying problem. This is where a chiropractor can help determine the actual cause of your low back pain and develop a non-surgical solution for low back pain.

Conservative methods of treating low back pain in Canton Ohio

Alternative ways to treat low back pain have been historically proven to help many sufferers. One popular and proven safe, conservative treatment for low back pain is chiropractic techniques. Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to relieve low back pain, including spinal manipulation, mobilization, and diversified technique. 

The evaluation begins with the chiropractor ruling out other possible causes for your lower back and examining your spine. They will also conduct an in-depth examination of how well aligned our nervous system is to ensure that they are providing relief without causing any further damage or discomfort. Based on the result of the evaluation, the chiropractor will create a treatment plan specific to the cause of the problem.

With the help of gentle manipulation and manual adjustments, the spine is realigned to alleviate pressure around the nerves and release tension in the surrounding muscles.

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Belden Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center LLC offers conservative treatment for dealing with low back pain. Located in Canton, Ohio, our expert chiropractors provide an individualized approach to help you with your condition. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.


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