Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and Its Symptoms

The Nervous System is responsible for the transmittal of information to and from the brain. The nerves allow humans to process sensations received in the periphery so we can react to the stimuli around us. Too much pressure on the nerves may cause nerve compression. It can happen in many parts of your body more […]

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Cold Laser Therapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain persisting to weeks or months and is commonly associated with an underlying medical condition. Some common conditions that cause chronic pain are inflammation of the joints such as arthritis or injury, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Chronic pain can become quite problematic and disbaling for a person who has it.  […]

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Meniscus Tears in the Knee - What is it?

Knee injury is one of the most commonly reported injuries in the sports industry. Although athletes are more prone to injuries of the knees, ordinary people can also experience knee pain at some point in their lives. Meniscus tears in the knee are the most common types of knee injuries that people experience. Anatomy of […]

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The Difference Between Lumbar and Sacroiliac Joints

The pelvic girdle area is a complex structure composed of several bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Strong ligaments and cartilage connect the hip bones that make up the pelvic area. The lumbar spine, Ilium and the sacrum bones comprise the pelvic area. The cartilage in between the bones acts as the glue and cushion […]

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Foot Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is the most common presenting symptom of Plantar Fasciitis. In fact, it is one of the most common orthopedic complaints. Plantar fasciitis presents as a sharp stabbing pain that is usually felt in the morning. Upon waking up, the first steps you take triggers the pain. It is also present after routine exercises […]

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The Stages of Inflammation Following an Injury

All types of body tissues respond to injury. Damage to the tissues may be in the form of biological, physical, chemical, or radiation burns. No matter the type of damage, all types of tissue go through the same pattern of physiological events. Injury Response Mechanism When the body gets injured, the tissues surrounding the affected […]

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The Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

The knee bears significant importance in an individual's ability to move freely. The slightest injury could result in pain and discomfort.  More significant knee damage might precipitate mobility issues that might interfere with a stricken person's mobility and lifestyle. Studies compiled by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) have concluded that many Americans, ranging in […]

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Shoulder Pain and its Causes

Shoulder Pain and its Causes Introduction Are you suffering from aches and pain in your shoulder? Shoulder discomfort may impact up to 67% of Americans during some point during their lifetime. (https://www.health.com/pain/shoulder-pain-causes#01-shoulder-pain-feature-gallery). Although this statistic is surprising, examining the design and purpose of the shoulder can provide some enlightenment as to why this particular joint […]

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