Five Stretches That Can Help Your Low Back Pain

Do you ever experience soreness in the back after sitting for long periods of time? If so, it’s likely that you have experienced some form of back pain. Back pain is a common condition which can range from mild to severe and even chronic. Luckily, there are stretches and exercises which can help alleviate this […]

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The Meniscus Inside of the Knee

The knee joint is a sophisticated structure designed to facilitate easy movement and provide stability when it is under pressure. It consists of several bones - the femur and tibia (in the lower leg) - that meet at the joint and give it strength. The largest bone of the body, the femur (in the upper […]

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How Flat Feet Can Alter Your Body Biomechanics

Flat feet, also known as Pes Planus, are a foot condition for those with little or no foot arch when standing upright. Causes of flat feet Typically, a human foot consists of 33 joints that hold 26 different bones in place. It also has muscles, tendons, and ligaments to support the bones and the joints. […]

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Harry London Chocolate Factory

More than 80 years ago, Harry London Chocolate Factory in North Canton began making the finest candies and chocolates in the Akron-Canton area. Harry London Candies offers over 500 sweets and chocolates throughout their Factory Store.  History Harry London is the founder of the chocolate factory. As a child, he learned the techniques of making […]

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The MAPS Air Museum

The MAPS (Military Aviation Preservation Society) Air Museum is a highlight for visitors to North Canton, Ohio. It is an internationally known aviation museum and serves as a center of aviation history in Northeast Ohio. Over 55 types of aircraft are on display at the MAPS Air Museum, including the unique 1908 Martin Glider and […]

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The Price Park

The Price Park at North Canton, Ohio, is the city’s most active Park receiving the most park visitors in the whole area. This Park is a great place to unwind with family and friends. Children will also love staying at the Park and playing on its playground. The Price Park comprises 18.5 acres with various […]

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The Arrowhead Golf and Event Center

The Arrowhead Golf and Event Center is one of the most prestigious event centers in the North Canton area. This place is well-known for its fascinating views of its golf course and elegant and refreshing interiors of its banquet hall suitable for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, meetings, conferences, etc.  Aside from […]

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The Dogwood Park

Dogwood Park is another park in North Canton where plenty of activities occur. The park is named after the flowering trees that mark its grounds, it comprises facilities such as a basketball court, horseshoe pits, picnic shelter, picnic table, rental hall, and wooded areas, including walking paths and an impressive play area. The park also […]

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4200 Munson Street NW, Suite B, Canton, Ohio 44718



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