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Treating Your Headache Pain

Headaches. They can be painful, can cause dizziness, blurred vision, and overall make your day quite miserable.

According to WHO (the World Health Organization), approximately 47% of the adult population suffered from a headache in the past year. The costs associated with headaches are massive, including lost time from work, as well as other social issues like irritability, and lack of social interaction.

What Causes Headaches?

There are a variety of types of headaches. Some headaches start off lightly and become more severe as the day goes along, some headaches are located in certain parts of the head and some headaches cause severe, disabling pain.

In order to properly diagnose your headache, so that proper treatment can be administered, you should seek the help of a professional that deals with headache pain on a regular basis.

Cervicogenic Headaches

This type of headache is one that actually starts in the neck and radiates up into the head. Often, their is an initial feeling of stiffness or tightness in the upper back and neck. Over time, this spreads into the neck area and begins to cause headaches.

This type of headaches pain can come and go, but often gets worse over time. Initially, these headaches may start off on a once per week basis, but soon progress to a daily event.

Cluster Headaches

Another type of headache is a cluster headache. Cluster headaches are recurring type of brief headaches that are usually located around the eye and can cause severe pain. The eye can become red and may have tearing of the eye and/or a running nose.

Migraine headaches are one of the most commonly known types of headaches. Often, people will mislabel a headache as a migraine-type headache when, in fact, it’s not. “She has a migraine” is common to hear but may not be true.

Migraine headaches often can have the following symptoms:
Blurred vision
Eye pain
Sensitivity to light or sound
Often occurs on one side of the head

How We Treat Headache Pain?

Dr. Ungar has treated thousands of patients, many with headache pain. Based upon the type of headaches, treatment for headaches can vary, so a proper evaluation is always necessary.

Our typical process involves:

Obtaining a thorough history of the problem and health history of the patient
Performing a complete examination of the patient
Obtaining any diagnostic tests (if necessary) to better understand the problem
Discussing the diagnosis with you
Reviewing the findings and treatment options with you
If we feel that we can help your problem and you decide to begin with a treatment plan, we will work with you to help resolve your problem.

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