Hip Pain and Injury Treatment in Canton OH

Hip Injury

Hip injuries can be painful and have a significant impact on daily life and mobility.

Here's a scenario. During a friendly soccer match, as you sprint down the field aiming to reach the ball before your opponent, a sudden sharp pain shoots through your hip, causing you to stop running, clutch your hip, and become unable to put weight on the affected leg.

The intense pain prevents you from continuing the game.

Decoding Your Symptoms: What Do They Reveal About Hip Pain?

When you go to see your doctor regarding your hip discomfort, it's likely that he will inquire about the specific nature of the pain you are feeling. Providing details about your symptoms related to hip pain will assist him in identifying the underlying reason for your unease.

Here are some common hip pain complaints and symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Hip Pain


Hip pain can be characterized by aching, sharp, dull, or throbbing sensations in the hip joint or the surrounding area. The pain may worsen with movement, such as walking, running, or climbing stairs.

Swelling and tenderness

Inflammation or injury to the hip joint can result in swelling and tenderness in the hip area. The skin around the hip joint may feel warm to the touch.

Difficulty walking or bearing weight

Hip pain can make it challenging to walk, especially if the pain is severe. Some individuals may also experience difficulty in putting weight on the affected leg.

Clicking or popping sensations

In certain cases, individuals may notice clicking or popping sensations in the hip joint during movement. These sounds may be accompanied by pain or a feeling of instability.

Radiating pain

Hip pain can sometimes radiate to other areas, such as the groin, buttocks, thigh, or knee. This is known as referred pain and can occur due to nerve compression or irritation.

Muscle weakness

Chronic hip pain or conditions affecting the hip joint can lead to muscle weakness in the surrounding hip and thigh muscles. This can impact overall mobility and stability.

How We Treat Hip Pain and Hip Injury

Finding appropriate treatment is essential for relief and recovery when experiencing hip pain or dealing with a hip injury. If you or a loved one is dealing with hip pain or a hip injury, we recommend you talk with Dr. Brent Ungar.

Our typical process involves:

Collecting a detailed patient health history
Performing a comprehensive examination and, if necessary, ordering diagnostic tests for better understanding
Having a discussion with you to communicate the diagnosis
Reviewing our findings and presenting the available treatment options.
If we determine that we can assist with your condition and you choose to proceed with a treatment plan, we will collaborate with you to alleviate your issue. Please feel free to reach out to us at 330-493-0009.

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