Spinal Disc Injury Treatment in Canton OH

Struggling with a Disc Injury?

Spinal disc injuries can be the result of a variety of events. A disc injury could occur from a car accident, a slip and fall or even while lifting. Whatever the cause, the common result of a disc injury can range from pain and spasms to radiating symptoms into an extremity. More severe cases can even cause weakness of associated muscles.

Following a disc injury, it is important to receive proper evaluation often followed by treatment. Fortunately, most disc injuries do not require surgery and treatment can involve non-surgical treatment options.

Luckily, Dr. Brent Ungar has provided consultation and treatment for numerous instances of disc injuries, helping to resolve patients' issues and restoring them to their normal daily lives. From minor disc inflammation to more serious injuries, the non-surgical approaches for the treatment of spinal disc injuries are available at Belden Village Chiropractic in Canton Ohio.

What exactly is a Spinal Disc Injury?

The spine consists of interlocking bones called vertebrae, with intervertebral discs between them. These discs have a soft center and a stronger outer edge, serving to prevent friction between the vertebrae and maintain their connection. They act as shock absorbers in the spine, allowing for smooth movement during activities like carrying heavy objects or bending awkwardly. Without intervertebral discs, the upper torso would lose its mobility. Despite their small size, these discs play a vital role in facilitating body movement.

Disc injuries can happen in any part of the spine, affecting the intervertebral discs in the neck (cervical), mid-back (thoracic), or lower back (lumbar). Such injuries can advance through different stages as they develop.

Bulging Disc

In the initial stage (degeneration), the disc experiences strain and becomes distorted from its normal functioning shape.

Prolapsed Disc

The bulge becomes more noticeable, and the center of the disc (nucleus pulposus) starts to protrude towards the outer fibers, reaching the disc's edge.

Herniated Disc (extrusion)

A herniated (extrusion) disc happens when the outer fibers (annulus) rupture, leading to the complete leakage of the nucleus pulposus.

Sequestered Disc

This condition may arise when fragments of the disc material break off and intrude into the neighboring areas, causing further complications and potential damage.
stages of disc herniation canton oh chiropractor

How We Treat Disc Injuries

Dr. Brent Ungar has treated many patients who have experienced disc injuries. Considering the unique nature of each disc injury, the appropriate treatment approach may vary, making a thorough evaluation essential to determine the most suitable course of action.

Our typical process involves:

A thorough history of your injury and other factors
A comprehensive examination
Necessary diagnostics
Diagnosis of condition
Review of treatment plan
If we determine that we can assist with your issue and you choose to proceed with a treatment plan, we will collaborate closely with you to resolve the problem. Feel free to contact us at 330-493-0009.

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