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Low Back Pain and its Treatment

Approximately 80% of Americans will have a episode of disabling low back pain in their lifetime. Unfortunately for many others, these episodes become a common occurrence, while others have chronic ongoing low back pain. Others may experience low back pain with radiating symptoms into the buttock, hip, leg or foot.

Fortunately, Dr Brent Ungar, a chiropractor in Canton OH, has been able to help many residents who have been suffering with low back pain and/or radiating problems.

How The Low Back Works

The low back is an important, yet very complicated structure in the human body. Each of us has 5 vertebrae that make up the lumbar spine. In addition to the lumbar spine, there is also the pelvis (made up of two sacroiliac joints) and the sacrum, which makes up the base of the low back. The low back also has a large amount of muscles that allow movement and strength in the low back.

These 5 vertebrae are separated from each other with intervertebral discs that are like jelly-filled donuts. In addition, there are some stabilizing joints, called facet joints, that are also present. Nerves also exit from the spine in the lumbar area and travel into the buttocks, legs and feet.

The sacroiliac joints (SI) are part of the pelvis and allow the movements of walking. These SI joints allow swaying and some rotation in the pelvis when the walking occurs..

Together, all of these structures allow you to bend, twist, move, lift and stabilize you to allow an upright position.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

The Lumbar Joint Dysfunction

In many cases of low back pain, the joints of the lower back area become misaligned through stress, overuse or injury to these area. The misalignment can cause pressure on the nerves, leading to reduced range of motion in the low back, pain and possible radiating symptoms into the hips, legs or feet.

Intervertebral Disc Problems

Another reason for low back pain is problems with the intervertebral discs that sit between the bones of the low back. If these discs are injured, they can tear causing their jelly-like centers to push out, applying pressure to the nerve. This can cause pain in the low back area, radiating pain or numbness and even weakness into the legs or feet.

Muscle Tightness or Spasm

Sometimes the many muscles in your lower can tighten or inflame and cause pain or stiffness in your lumbar spine. Your back just doesn’t move normally and it often hurts with movement. This can be the result of the muscles tightening for various reasons.

Muscle spasms can be the result of injury or can be a sign that the body is trying to protect other structures of the neck to avoid further injury.

How We Treat Low Back Pain

We have treated thousands of patients with low back pain and conditions related to the lower back or radiating symptoms into the leg or feet. If you, or someone you love, suffers from low back pain, we would begin with a discussion with Dr. Ungar.

Our typical process involves:

Obtaining a thorough history of the problem and health history of the patient
Performing a complete examination of the patient
Obtaining any diagnostic tests (if necessary) to better understand the problem
Discussing the diagnosis with you
Reviewing the findings and treatment options with you
If we feel that we can help your problem and you decide to begin with a treatment plan, we will work with you to help resolve your problem.

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